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Mother's Cross in Gold

Mother's Cross in Gold

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Moderskors i Guld
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Mothers cross, gold version.

Would rate near mint but got a small hit on one arm. Unmarked as they should be.


Moderskors i guld.

Skulle vara nära mint om det inte vore för en liten skada på den vänstra armen. Omärkt som de ska vara.

The Cross of Honor of the German Mother (German: Ehrenkreuz der deutschen Mutter or more colloquially Mutterkreuz), but often referred to simply as the Mothers Cross, was an award of the Nazi regime.

This award was instituted on December 16, 1938 as part of Hitler's initiative to encourage Aryan population growth, and so only women with pure Aryan families could achieve such awards. Women from absorbed Germanic countries (such as Austria and Danzig) were also eligible. A mother could be awarded a bronze, silver, or gold cross depending on the amount of children she had produced. Eight would entitle the woman to a gold cross, six to silver, and four for bronze.