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Infantry assault badge in Silver 'SHuCo'

Infantry assault badge in Silver 'SHuCo'

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Infantry assault badge in Silver.

Maker 'SHuCo', Sohni, Heubach & Co.

Very good condition. Catch and needle in working condition. Look better in hand compared to the pictures.


Infanteri storm utmärkelse i silver.

Tillverkare 'SHuCo', Sohni, Heubach & Co.

Utmärkt skick. Nål och hake i fungerande skick. Ser bättre ut i hand än på bilderna.

The Infantry Combat Badge, more commonly referred to as the Infantry Assault Badge, was designed by C. E. Junker of Berlin and instituted on December 20, 1939 by Generaloberst von Brauchitsch. The initial class was instituted in silver and decorated foot infantry who participated in combat action earning a degree of experience that qualified them for the badge.

A separate class, in Bronze, was instituted on June 1, 1940. The Bronzed class had criteria similar to the requirements the Silver. There was, however, one notable distinction; The status of the troops, bronzed meant motorized Panzer troops, silver meant foot infantry.