Panzer Assault Badge  in bronce 'Deumer'

Panzer Assault Badge in bronce 'Deumer'

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Maker 'Wilhem Deumer'
Model/Product no.: 5688
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Panzer Assault Badge in bronce (Panzerkampfabzeichen).

Maker 'Wilhem Deumer'.

Beautiful condition. Typical very dark finish, very close to perfect bronze wash. Catch and needle works perfect. You will have a hard time finding a nicer badge from this maker.
This is one of three variants we list at the same time. This show that Deumer sourced hinges and catches from sub-suppliers.


Pansarstormutmärkelse i brons(Panzerkampfabzeichen).

Tillverkare 'Wilhem Deumer'.

Mycket vackert skick. Typisk mycket mörk finish, ca 95% av bronseringen återstår. Nål och hake i fullt fungerande skick. Det blir svårt att hitta ett finare exemplar från denna tillverkare. Detta är en av tre varianter som vi fick från en samlare. Alla tre har olika gångjärn eller nålhakar, detta visar att Deumer sourcade dessa delar från olika underleverantörer.

Award Criteria

The award criteria was as follows,

* To have taken part in three armored assaults in three different days.
* To have been wounded in the course of an assault.
* To have earned a bravery decoration in the course of an assault.

As mentioned above, the Silver class was presented to tank commanders, gunners or radio operators while the bronze class was presented to the Panzer-Grenadier regiments, tank assault crew, armored recon units, and medical personnel who went into battle in armored vehicles. The award was authorized through the Panzer Division commander.