Luftwaffe Flak Artillery badge 'Ball hinge'

Luftwaffe Flak Artillery badge 'Ball hinge'

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Luftwaffe Flak artillery badge(Flakkampfabzeichen).


The Largest size of all the Flak Badges.

Excellent condition. Neusilber (Buntmetal). Needle and catch in working condition. Looks even better in hand.

These are never maker marked and the maker is still unknown.


Luftwaffe Flak märke(Flakkampfabzeichen).


Den största storleken av alla Flakmärken

Utmärkt skick. Nysilver(Buntmetall). Nål och hake i fungerande skick. Ser betydligt bättre ut i hand.

Denna typ är aldrig märkt och tillverkaren är fortfarande okänd.

(Flak-Kampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe)
BACKGROUND: The Flak Artillery War Badge was introduced by Hermann Göring on January 10TH 1941, for award to air defence crews including searchlight and sound detection personnel. Originally the Flak Artillery War Badge was awarded to personnel for both aerial and ground target victories until the introduction of the Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge on March 31ST 1942, after which the Flak Artillery War Badge was only awarded for successful aerial target victories. Bestowal of the award was originally rendered on a point structure system with sixteen points required to be presented the badge, although the criteria was modified during the war. Of Note: The Flak arm is often viewed as a secondary arm of service within the Luftwaffe when in fact during the war between half and two thirds of all Luftwaffe personnel served in it.