Polizei ''Motorisierte Gendarmerie'' cufftitle

Polizei ''Motorisierte Gendarmerie'' cufftitle

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Polizei "Motorisierte Gendarmerie" cufftitle.

Near mint unissued condition, unfortunately a bit shortened, still would make a great display. These motorized police cuffs are rare.


Polizei "Motorisierte Gendarmerie" ärmelband.

Nära perfekt skick, tyvärr är det kortat, i vilket fall så gör den sig bra i en displat. Dessa ärmelband för Polismotorcyklister är mycket ovanliga.

The Gendarmerie had a special motorized emergency units which were tasked with policing the German autobahn and its personnel were identified by a distinctive cufftitle. The cufftitle was worn by all ranks on the lower left sleeve of the service tunic and came in an Officer’s version with piping to the top and bottom edges and an EM/NCO’ s version without the edge piping.