Luftwaffe Hermann Göring division Officer's cufftitle

Luftwaffe Hermann Göring division Officer's cufftitle

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Luftwaffe Hermann Göring division Officer's cufftitle.

Dark blue mohair(?)with silver grey machine embroided letters an two grey-silver stripes.

Excellent unissued condition. Full lenght.


Luftwaffe Hermann Göring divisionsärmelband för Officerare.

Mörkblå mohair(?) med silvergrå maskinbroderade bokstäver och silvergrå stripes.

Utmärkt, oanvänt skick. Fullängd.




Cufftitles bearing some version of Hermann Göring’s name can be traced back to December 22ND 1933 with the introduction of the "L.P.G. General Göring" cufftitle issued to the recently renamed, Landes Polizei Gruppe Wecke z.b.V, (State Police Group Wecke for Special Purposes), to Landes Polizei Gruppe General Göring, (Regional Police Group General Göring). Of Note: L.P.G. Wecke was named after it’s commander, Polizei-Oberst Walther Wecke who would be promoted to the rank of General der Luftwaffe, (Air-Force), in December 1942. On September 23RD 1935 L.P.G. General Göring was transferred from control of the Police to control of the Luftwaffe and was renamed, Regiment General Göring which resulted in a "General Göring" cufftitle being introduced on March 12TH 1936. The "General Göring" cufftitles were utilized until May 22ND 1942 when a final pattern cufftitle bearing Hermann Göring’s name was introduced for wear by all ranks of personnel serving with Reinforced Regiment (mot.) Hermann Göring. The "General Göring" cufftitles were all in Gothic/Fraktur style script while the first issue of the "Hermann Göring" cufftitles were also rendered in Gothic/Fraktur style script that was soon changed to the block letter, Latin script. Both the "General Göring" and "Hermann Göring" cufftitles differentiated rank groups with a machine embroidered version in silver/grey threads for EM/NCO’s with NCO ranks having the addition of Russian braid trim while Officer’s ranks cufftitles were produced in hand embroidered silver/aluminum wire threads also with Russian braid trim. Of Note: The Reinforced Regiment (mot.) Hermann Göring was upgrade to Brigade status in July 1942 and to Divisional status in October of that year, and personnel retained wear of the Hermann Göring cufftitle to the end of the war.