DRKB shooting award in bronce

DRKB shooting award in bronce

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DRKB shooting award in bronce. First model. Excellent condition, perfect enemal. Diameter: 29 mm.


DRKB skytteutmärkelse i brons. Utmärkt skick, perfekt emalj. Diameter: 29 mm.

The DRKB, Deutscher Reichskriegerbund (Kyffhäuserbund), (German National Association of Veterans, Kyffhäuser Association), was formed during WWI, and was based on the DKB, Deutscher Kriegerbund (German Veterans Association), originally formed after the war of 1870-71. The addition of "Kyffhäuser" in the associations name referred to the Kyffhäuser mountain where a large war memorial had been erected by ex-soldiers in 1896. The goal of the association was to preserve the morale and comradeship of former soldiers and to financially assist its members if required. In 1937 the DRKB introduced a flag bearers gorget, as an aid to rallying its personnel behind the flag bearer at parades and functions. On March 29TH 1938 the DRKB was renamed NS-RKB, Nationalsozialistische-Reichskriegerbund, (National Socialist-State Soldiers League), by the NSDAP and amalgamated with most of the earlier veterans associations into one national organization. After amalgamation into the NS-RKB the earlier DRKB gorget was replaced with a slightly altered new pattern.