NSDAP Sympathizer badge 15,2 mm

NSDAP Sympathizer badge 15,2 mm

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NSDAP Sympathizer 'Party' badge.

Unmarked as they normally are.

Enemal on brass. Nice enemal. Working pin. Overall excellent condition. Quite hard to find. It looks a small damage on the enemal but I would say it's from the production.

Size 15,2 mm. Last picture show some different sizes.


NSDAP sympati 'parti' märke.

Omärkt som de normalt är.

Emaljerad brons/mässing. Vacker emalj. Fungerande nål. Överlag i utmärkt skick. Dessa är ganska svåra att hitta.

Storlek 15,2 mm. Sista bilden visar lite olika storlekar.


Sympathizer badges

Nicht Amtliche Abzeichen für Jedermann. No Party membership or ID required in order to purchase or wear these badges/pins. Sympathizer badges were made for a reason, they were made for anyone to wear, as they were "Nicht Amtliche" abzeichen, (non- official badges) but were certainly bought and worn by members of the NSDAP. A Sympathizer badge was not an official badge, and will never have a RZM logo on the reverse. It was not permitted by the RZM to mark any non-official badge with the RZM logo (as can be read countless times in the RZM mitteilungsblätter) The standard sympathizer badge with no slogan, is pretty much the same as the NSDAP Membership badge, but without the inscription. Sympathy badges were allowed to be worn by NSDAP members during the various party bans, as the swastika was not recognized as an NSDAP-specific image in the early years.

Courtesy to Jo Rivett and his excellent website about party badges.