British War medal 1939-1945

British War medal 1939-1945

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British War medal 1939-1945 .

Cupro silver. Excellent condition. From the 40's.


Brittisk "War medal 1939-1945".

Cupro-silver. Utmärkt skick. Från 40-talet.

Issued to all British and Commonwealth forces

The circular medal, with a size of 36mm, was made in cupro-nickel or silver metal and is accompanied by a ribbon of narrow red central stripe with a narrow white stripe on either side, broad red stripes at either edge and two intervening stripes of blue.

The medal has a Crowned King George VI and on the reverse a triumphant lion trampling on a dragon symbolising the Axis powers

Clasps issued – None.

Awarded to all full time personnel wherever they were serving, as long as they served for 28 days between September 1939 and Sepetmebr 1945. It was awarded in addition to the Campaign Stars and Defence Medal.

Some civilians, including War Correspondants and Ferry Pilots were also awarded the medal.

There were no clasps however a bronze oak leaf attached to the ribbon denoted a mention in dispatches.

The Canadian version was issued in silver but all British medals were issued in cupro-nickel.

The War Medal was issued unnamed so it is difficult to proove it belongs to the recipient, however in the case of South Africans and Australians were officially named with SA prefixes, and carry a very small premium to the unnamed War Medal.

The War Medal has little value due to the significant numbers awarded and the fact that it is made out of cupro-nickel metal for all British awards.