French Combat crosses(2)

French Combat crosses(2)

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Croix du combattant and Croix du combattant 1914-18
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Croix du combattant and Croix du combattant 1914-18.

The bronze version was issued from 1926 and during WW2. The other was for WW1 veterans.

Excellent condition.


Croix du combattant och Croix du combattant 1914-18

Bronsversionen delades ut från 1926 och under andra världskriget. Den andra till WW1 veteraner.

Utmärkt skick.


Belgian 30 Year labour award medal - 'Decoration du Travail' 1st Class (post-1958)

The Belgian labour award medal (Decoration du Travail) was instituted in 1847 and awarded to citizens for 25 or 30 years of meritorious work in agriculture or industry. These labour medals were redesigned in 1958, as in the above example.

This medal came in two variants;

* 1st class for 30 years labour service – gilt crown and disc on ribbon.

* 2nd class for 25 years labour service – silvered crown and plain ribbon (no disc).

The text is in both French and Flemish and reads HABILETE MORALITE - BEKWAAMHEID ZEDELIJKHEID which translates as ‘Skill Morality’.

The medal has a swivel crown suspension and made with three enamels (blue, red & black). Excluding the ribbon and suspension ring, it measures 1 1/8” across x 2 1/8” down (about 28mm x 55mm)