British Sword bayonet P1907 'Sanderson'

British Sword bayonet P1907 'Sanderson'

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Maker marked 'Sanderson'
Model/Product no.: 5743
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British Sword bayonet M1907.

Very nice bayonet used with the Lee-Enfield No. I Mk. III (SMLE) rifle. The Pattern 1907 bayonet is widely recognized as the bayonet used with the SMLE in both the First World War and World War II.

Maker marked 'Sanderson'. Has all the correct stamps. X=Indicates that it passed the bend test. 17 stands for 1917=Year of production. British Crown stamp.

This bayonet is large and has an impressive lenght of 56 cm.

Overall very good condition. Remember that it's approx 100 y old. Leather is still soft.