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Luftschutz first class honor cross > Germany / Tyskland WW1-WW2 > German WW1-2 Awards  |  
Price SEK 2.895,00
 (EUR 289,50)

Item number 7471

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Luftschutz first class honor cross "Für Verdienste im Luftschutz", (For Meritorious Service in Air Defence).

Awarded to personal who belonged to the Luftschutz (Air raid protection).

Not maker marked but produced by Steinhauer & Lück. Discussed and approved on forums.

Very good condition. Zinc. Only traces of the gold wash remain. A rare cross.


Luftschutzkors första klassen.

Tjänstemedalj till de som tillhörde Luftschutz (Luftskyddet). Runt korset står det "Für Verdienste im Luftschutz", vilket betyder "för tjänst inom luftskyddet".

Ej märkt men tillverkat av firman Steinhauer & Lück. Diskuterad och accepterad på forum.

Mycket bra skick. Zink, det återstår bara små delar av originalförgyllningen. Ett mycket ovanligt kors.

The Air Warden Honour Award (Luftschutz-Ehrenzeichen) is instituted on 30 January 1938 and was awarded for bravery during and direct after Allied air raids. This medal was instituted in two classes and both classes were designed by Egon Jantke of Berlin. The Air Warden Honour Award was not only reserved for the members of the Luftschutz (Air Raid Precautions) but could also be awarded to factory guards, fire fighters, police ect. The golden cross of the 1st Class is only 150 times awarded during the entire war and was only awarded for extraordinary bravery and service for the protection of the German civil population.

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