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March 13 1938 Commemorative Medal -Cased > Germany / Tyskland WW1-WW2 > German WW1-2 Awards / Medaljer  |  
New items / Nya produkter (01-07-2018 - 25-09-2018)

Item number 7212

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Die Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13. Marz 1938

The March 13, 1938 Commemorative Medal (Die Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13. Marz 1938).

Excellent condition. No rust or other damages.

Matching case in good used condition.

13 Mars 1938, minnesmedalj (Die Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13. Marz 1938).

Utmärkt skick. Ingen rost eller andra skador.

Matchande ask i bra använt skick.

Instituted on May 1, 1938, the medal commemorated the return of Hitler’s homeland to the German Reich. The move was the first in Hitler's quest for "Lebenraum", and it strengthened German flanks while weakening those of Czechoslovakia. German troops crossed the border on March 12, 1938, without meeting any resistance. The stage had been set by a series of "incidents" provoked by National Socialists in Austria, and diplomatic pressure and ultimatums set forth by the German Government. This first action, while perhaps raising suspicions, did not cause general alarm in the world community. After all, it seemed to be done by choice of the Austrian people who were German speaking.

The medal, known as the first "Anschluss medal", was awarded to all those Austrians who contributed to or participated in the annexation as well as the members of the Austrian NSDAP. It was also awarded to German State officials and members of the German Wehrmacht and SS who marched into Austria.

The March 13, 1938 Medal was based on the 1938 Party Day Badge. On the obverse it featured a tall standing figure holding a swastika banner (Germany) helping another figure who had broken shackles (The freed Austrians) onto a podium stand which had the Wehrmacht Eagle and represented the Greater German Reich (all three "Flower War" Medals had the same obverse). On the reverse center it had the inscription "13 Marz 1938" with the slogan "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer" (One people, One State, One Leader) surrounding it. This was a favorite propaganda slogan that had much appeal and it was used repeatedly in Hitler’s speeches to represent the unification attitude of the time.

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