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Demjansk Army campaign shield > Germany / Tyskland WW1-WW2 > German WW1-2 Awards  |  
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 (EUR 289,50)

Item number 7172

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Army issue

Demjansk campaign shield .

Excellent, unissed condition. Magnetic. On green wool cloth, used by the army and SS.
Discussed and approved on the forums.



Utmärkt, oanvänt skick. Monterad på grönt tyg för bruk inom armen och SS.

The Demjansk Pocket

On February 8th 1942, the Russians encircled the 2nd Army Corp in the small town of Demjansk, located in the northern section of the Russian front about 100 miles north-east of Cholm. Trapped in the pocket were the 12th, 30th, 32nd, 223rd and 290th Heer Infantry Divisions, as well as the 3rd SS “Totenkopf” Division. There were also RAD, Police, Todt organization, and other auxiliary units who were trapped and assisted in the battle. Their commander was General der Infanterie Graf Brockdordd-Ahlefeldt.

Ordered to resist, the garrison was extensively and appropriately supplied by the Luftwaffe. During their besiegement the group offered the Russians stiff and determined resistance, tying up three Soviet Armies (composed of 18 Infantry Divisions and three brigades) for the length of 14 months. The battle group was able to break out of the siege on the 21st of April, but the battle had taken a toll. Out of the approximately 100,000 men trapped there were 3,335 never returned, and over 10,000 were wounded. However, their heroic struggle had denied the Soviet High Command of numerous units at a critical moment, units that would have otherwise been used elsewhere in the Eastern front.

Even thought they were no longer trapped, fighting in the area continued until October of 1942. For his excellence in command in the particularly fierce fighting of his elite unit, Totenkopf commander SS Obergruppenfuhrer und General der Waffen SS Theodor Eike was awarded the Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross (88th) on May 20th, 1942.
Award Criteria, Statistics and Wear

The garrison commander presented the shield to members of the Wehrmacht and auxiliary units in good standing who meet the following criteria,

-To have served honorably in the besieged area for 60 days.
-To have wounded in the besieged area.
-To have earned a bravery award while serving in the besieged area.

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