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Luftwaffe cargo loading tag - Red > Germany / Tyskland WW1-WW2 > German WW1-2 Metal insignia etc  |  
Price SEK 149,00
 (EUR 14,90)

Item number 7564

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Luftwaffe cargo loading tag.
See below for more info.

Good used condition. Magnetic painted steel badge.


Luftwaffe lastningstagg.
Se nedan för mer info.

Bra använt skick. Magnetisk målad stålbricka.

These are Luftwaffe cargo loading tags. Theses were attached, in the case of wood boxes nailed to or wire to the cargo and directed the loader on the weight class and the fragilely of the equipment.

As the German airfields in both the Stalingrad and Demyansk battles were under direct aerial attack, this was a stopgap measure to expedite the loading/unloading of planes. Large items would have to be transported directly to the airfields because of the size/weight/loading-time but smaller items were pack in remote sites around the airfields and bought in at the very last moment for loading.

As planes must be loaded so it is balance in flight, it is crucial that the weight of cargo must be distributed in the proper matter; this is reflected in the heavy weight square tags. The round shape tags reflect the lightest weight class and the start of the fragile sub classification. These items would be packed and shipped in a much different matter that the heavy class. Optics would fit the round white (green?) tags category, because they are susceptible to damage such continuous low vibration.

Red square tag - Heavy weight class – not fragile (20 Kgs. / 44 lbs.)
Yellow square tag - Medium weight class – not fragile (10 Kgs. / 22 lbs.)
Red round tag - Light weight class – not fragile (5 Kgs. / 11 lbs.)
Yellow round tag - Light weight class – fragile
White (Green?) round tag - Light weight class – extremely fragile

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