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TENO Honor Badge for 1922 'Wilhelm Fühner' > Germany / Tyskland WW1-WW2 > German WW1-2 Awards  |  
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 (EUR 599,50)

Item number 7289

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Maker marked 'Wilhelm Fühner'

TENO Honor Badge for 1922 (TeNo; Technische Nothilfe).

Maker marked 'Wilhelm Fühner'. Numbered 5217.

Approx 36 mm x 49.5 mm.

Top condition. No damages. Working needle and catch.


TENO hedersutmärkelse för 1922 (TeNo; Technische Nothilfe).

Tillverkarmärkt 'Wilhelm Fühner'. Numrerad 5217.

Ca 36 mm x 49.5 mm

Absolut toppskick. Inga skador. Fungerande nål och hake.

The Technical Emergency Service or Teno established in 1919 was a voluntary organization that would standby in case of an internal threat in Germany.

These awards can be found with dates from 1919-1923 and were actually not instituted until 1934, making the Honor Badge a retroactive award slated for long time members with significant contributions to this branch of service. Award recipients would have to have been a member of the Teno for the years 1919-23.

The award is bronze and it is estimated that 5500 were awarded, a rather small amount and not a common badge with the most common dates being 1922 and 1923 from what I can tell.

It would appear there is no correlation from the year of the badge and the assigned number of the recipient so once can find a 4 digit on an earlier badge and a lower digit on a later badge, why this is I do not know.

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