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SA Sturmfahne Sturm/Standarte 21/18 > Germany / Tyskland WW1-WW2 > German WW1-2 Cloth / Tygsaker  |  
New items / Nya produkter (29-06-2017 - 15-08-2017)

Item number 6936

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SA Sturmfahne Sturm/Standarte 21/18.

Wow tons of history in this flag. Followed below is what have been found about it.

Worn condition. Measures 150x120 cm.

The (steel-) green patch indicates the flag to be Standarte 18 from Kurpfalz, which had its headquarters at Landau (Pfalz).

The other patches are traditions patches from units (Traditionsnummern) who formerly used this flag.

November 28, 1938 a special regulation was published (OSAF - Führungsamt F O 2b 13723) how to position the various
numbered patches in correct order!

Following below is what has been found related to the US signatures etc.

Armored Division -
World War II
Activated: 15 November 1942.
Overseas: 14 October 1944.
Campaigns: Rhineland, Central Europe.
Days of combat: 167.
Distinguished Unit Citations: 2.
Awards: MH-1; DSC-9; DSM-1; SS-273; LM-8; SM-13; BSM-3,024; AM-47.
Commanders: Maj. Gen. Vernon E. Prichard (November 1942-July 1944),
Maj. Gen. Albert C. Smith (July 1944 to inactivation).
Returned to U.S.: 7 September 1945.
Inactivated: 16 September 1945.

Combat Chronicle
The 14th Armored Division landed at Marseilles, France, 29 October 1944.
Within 2 weeks some of its elements were in combat, maintaining defensive
positions along the Franco-Italian frontier. The Division moved north to Rambervillers,
20. November, to take part in the VI Corps drive through the Vosges Mountains. Hard
fighting at Gertwiller, Benfeld, and Barr cracked Nazi defenses, and the Division was
on the Alsatian Plain early in December. Attacking across the Lauter River, 12 December,
it took Haguenau, moved across the Moder River and entered the Haguenau woods. On
Christmas Day the 14th was assigned defensive positions running south of Bitche near
Neunhoffen. It thwarted the heavy German attack in the Bitche salient launched New
Year's Eve. Although forced to withdraw, the Division remained intact. With the failure
of his Bitche attack, the enemy attempted to break through to Strasbourg by attacks
at Hatten and Rittershoffen, but again the drive was halted by the 14th Armored in a
furious defensive engagement in January 1945. After rest, rehabilitation, and defensive
missions during February and early March, the Division returned to the offensive, 15
March 1945, drove across the Moder River, cracked through the Siegfried Line, and by
the end of the month, had captured Germersheim on the Rhine. On Easter Sunday, 1
April 1945, the 14th moved across the Rhine near Worms and continued pursuit of the
retreating enemy through Lohr, Gemunden, Neustadt, and Hammelburg. In its final
thrust, the Division raced to the Danube, crossed at Ingolstadt, and pushed on across
the Isar River to Moosburg, where over 110,000 Allied prisoners were liberated. The
Division fired its last rounds, 2 May 1945, and was processing prisoners of war as the
war in Europe ended.

Assignments in the ETO
1 November 1944: Attached to 6th Army Group. // 10 November 1944: Seventh Army, 6th
Army Group. // 29 November 1944: XV Corps. // 5 December 1944: VI Corps. // 31 March
1945: XV Corps. // 23 April 1945: III Corps, Third Army, 12th Army Group.

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